Chain adjustment

Aprilia Futura – Chain adjustment

The design of the Aprilia Futura’s swing arm and wheel means that chain adjustment and removal and replacement of the rear wheel can be done independently of each other.

For instructions on how to adjust the chain download a copy of the owner’s manual.

It’s a ten minute job that basically involves putting the bike on the centre stand, undoing the swing arm pinch bolts, checking for the tight spot, hooking the c-spanner in the toolkit over the adjuster to turn the rear sprocket then doing the pinch bolts back up again.

However, it can be very easy to overtighten the pinch bolts, wrecking the swing arm, so care is required. I know of at least three cases of this.

In the experience of this owner it is best not to use a torque wrench and do the pinch bolts up evenly and by feel. They go tight very quickly and a poorly calibrated torque wrench can mean disaster.

It can be tricky to get the chain tension just right and there’s a debate about this on the Apriliaforum:

Apriliaforum: Chain Adjustment

A note on parts

Be sure to put the very best chain you can afford on a Futura. They will eat cheap chains in no time and snapping chains are quite common, so don’t take a chance with a worn chain.

A poorly maintained chain will not last long on a Futura but on the other hand a chain can be made to last upwards of 30,000 miles with the fitting of a Scottoiler.

Many owners only change the (43 tooth) rear sprocket every other chain set. It’s also reversible so in theory one rear sprocket can last four chain and front sprocket sets.

The standard front sprocket is 16 teeth but a common mod is to fit a 15 tooth sprocket for more acceleration. Fewer owners have gone up to a 17 tooth sprocket (but they do fit).

See the front sprocket page for more information.