Streetfighter Futura

The Aprilia Futura streetfighter

mutantSome bikes divide opinion… this one may not!

As bikes get damaged in accidents more and more are emerging re-born, and pretty much always minus their fairings.

This one appeared on ebay a few years back and found a new owner who has apparently sold it on since.

Originally registered in 2004, it was written off – fairing and clock damage – by its first owner and bought as a damaged repairable by the seller, who fixed it up and ran it for three years.

A welder/fabricator by trade, the seller built a new rear subframe (even though the tail section was undamaged) and gave the bike a shorty back end. He then bolted the stock silencer (but shortened), tail light and heat shields back on, along with a cut down seat. The link pipes to the silencer are one-offs.

The belly pan was made from the original fairing with some Tuono rad guards and header tank cover thrown in, while other parts, like the front disc guard, came from the Aprilia’s Falco conversion kit. The air filters are just for show, with the original airbox retained and the headlight fairing is an aftermarket universal one. He replaced the damaged clocks with a new set.

At the time of sale the bike had a 15 tooth sprocket fitted, which helped it to an 11.6 second standing quarter mile at the Bulldog Bash at 120mph. The seller lived on the south coast of England.

Have a look through the gallery of photos below for more detail, and there are more Futura streetfighters in the photo gallery section.