servicingGuides to servicing the Aprilia RST1000 Futura – from routine jobs to more complex tasks including suspension.

Service intervals are every 4,650 miles for a minor service, 9,350 for a major one.

A full schedule is available in the Owner’s manual while more detail is in the workshop manual. Both are available to download from the manuals page.

Aprilia Futura servicing guides

The Axone diagnostic tool

Mapping: The 05 Map

The Aprilia RST1000 Futura features an electronic engine management system which is controlled by a Sagem ECU – an electronic brain, if you like. In order for the ECU to work, it must have software – that’s what your map is. To oversimplify, the ECU monitors throttle position and engine speed and refers to its […]
Aprilia Futura toolkit

Aprilia RST1000 Futura toolkit

Many Futuras are finding their way into the second hand market minus their toolkits or missing the odd item. This page details what should be in the pouch under the seat. Some of it you’ll need, some of it you can live without. The list below comes from the owner’s manual, which you can download […]
Futura and Mille R airboots

Air filter and airbox

Aprilia Futura – Air filter/ airbox/ air boot The Futura is equipped with a pressurised airbox which sits under the fuel tank, with a disposable air filter element that can be replaced to get a modest power gain and increased intake noise. K&N do a ‘lifetime’ replacement that’s easily available in the UK and EU, […]
Buying used


Aprilia Futura – front and rear brake discs These are the specs of the Aprilia Futura’s brake discs: Front brake 298 mm diameter Brembo stainless steel double floating disc. Floating four-pot calipers with differentiated diameter, 34 and 30 mm; pads in sintered material and Freudenberg brake tubes Rear brake: 255 mm diameter stainless steel disc; […]
clutch slave fitted

Chain adjustment

Aprilia Futura – Chain adjustment The design of the Aprilia Futura’s swing arm and wheel means that chain adjustment and removal and replacement of the rear wheel can be done independently of each other. For instructions on how to adjust the chain download a copy of the owner’s manual. It’s a ten minute job that […]

Coolant change/top up

Aprilia Futura: Coolant change: The guide below is based on one originally posted on Ken’s Falco site (no longer available).  The procedure is the same for the Falco as the Futura, although the RST has more body panels to remove before you can get at the radiators etc. The Aprilia service manual calls for changing […]
mc name eforks

Fork service

Aprilia Futura – Front fork servicing The Aprilia Futura is equipped with 43mm Showa* upside-down front forks adjustable for preload and rebound only. The forks are similar to those fitted to RSVs (98-03), Tuonos (03-05)and Falcos of a similar vintage but not the R versions as these use Ohlins. Many owners have switched to these […]
filter comp area f1

Oil and oil change

Aprilia Futura – Oil and oil and filter change Aprilia recommends the following grade of oil for the RST1000 Futura’s engine: SAE 15W/50 CCMC G-4 A.P.I. SG The owner’s manual recommends two specific brands of oil – made by IP and Agip – and both are semi synthetic, though any oil matching the above specification […]
rear shock

Rear shock - rebuild or replace?

Aprilia Futura – Rear shock The Aprilia RST1000 Futura comes equipped as standard with a Sachs rear shock adjustable for preload via a knob below the seat on the left of the bike and rebound via a screw adjuster on the bottom of the shock. Though the Sachs unit is not the best money can […]
boss bob strip

Rear shock - removal

How to remove the rear shock on an Aprilia RST1000 Futura Sooner or later you’ll need to get the rear shock, whether it’s to replace it or to inspect or replace the linkage bearings. Here’s how to do it. There isn’t enough clearance to remove the shock with the bike on the centre stand, so […]
brochure rear wheel

Rear wheel - removal

Aprilia Futura – Removing and re-fitting the rear wheel This is a basic guide to removing the Aprilia RST1000 Futura’s rear wheel. Full instructions can be found in the owner’s manual. Place the bike on the centre stand on level ground and remove panniers if fitted. Undo the rear wheel dust cover. You can use […]
service light

Service light re-setting

Aprilia Futura – Re-setting the service light The Service light (or rather, LCD Display) comes on whenever a service is due. If you have your bike dealer serviced it should be done for you, but in any case, it’s easy enough to reset the light yourself. Here’s a step by step guide to re-setting it. […]

Spare parts

Aprilia Futura – Spare parts/alternative parts This page is biased towards UK riders and UK sources of spares, though overseas owners may still find it useful. See below for alternative parts and used parts Please note this website isn’t endorsing any of the suppliers listed below, although all are listed from personal experience and word […]
spark plug

Spark Plugs

Aprilia Futura – Spark plugs check/adjust/replace The Aprilia Futura’s Rotax engine has two spark plugs per cyclinder. The Futura manual says to clean and regap the plugs at the 4,650 mile service, then to replace every 9,350 miles. The plug gap should be 0.6-0.7 mm. Original equipment plugs are NGK DCPR9E or DCPR8E (hotter grade). […]
front preload

Suspension set up

Aprilia Futura – Suspension The Aprilia Futura is usually equipped with 43mm Showa front forks and a Sachs rear shock, both adjustable for preload and rebound only. Some countries, Ireland, for example, got Marzocchi forks instead of Showa kit and these have suffered from severe corrosion after winter use. The forks are similar to those […]
tyres flying fox


Aprilia Futura – Tyre guide Standard tyre sizes for the Aprilia RST1000 Futura are: Front: 120/70 ZR17 Rear: 180/55 ZR17 Futuras came out of showrooms fitted with Metzeler MEZ4s or Michelin Pilot Sports. Dunlop D207s were tried by Aprilia but rejected as they didn’t gel with the bike. On balance, it’s fair to say that […]
valve check

Valve clearances

Aprilia Futura – Valve check/adjustment The Aprilia Futura’s valves should be checked and adjusted if necessary at every major (9,350 mile) service. Clearances should be checked with the engine dead cold and each cylinder has four valves, two inlet and two exhaust. Judging by the experience of many owners, they rarely need adjusting – many […]
The OE plastic fuel quick disconnect, showing the two parts

Workshop manuals

It seems the workshop manuals are no longer available elsewhere on the web – for free at least – so I’ve made them available here. Here you’ll find links to workshop manuals, parts fiches and the owner’s manual – all available to be downloaded for free. The full US workshop manuals, engine manual, parts lists […]