Valve clearances

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Aprilia Futura – Valve check/adjustment

The Aprilia Futura’s valves should be checked and adjusted if necessary at every major (9,350 mile) service. Clearances should be checked with the engine dead cold and each cylinder has four valves, two inlet and two exhaust.

Judging by the experience of many owners, they rarely need adjusting – many bikes have gone more than 50,000 miles before needing adjustment – and it’s normal for the intake valves on the rear cylinder to appear sooty.

valve checkThe procedure is exactly the same as for other Aprilia 1000cc Vee twins of the same age including the Falco, RSV and Caponord. Later RSVs got bigger valve heads.

Ken’s Falco site has an excellent guide already and there’s no point in re-inventing the wheel, so here it is:

The valve check itself is relatively straightforward, adjusting them requires a competent mechanic. The Aprilia Rotax engine has shim under bucket adjustment, which means you have to remove the cams in order to adjust the valves.

Ken’s site is comprehensive in going over the whole process

Valve tip:

If you’re riding in a wet climate like the UK, it’s especially a good idea to apply copper grease to the threads of the valve cover bolts of the front cylinder at least. Failing to do so means the weather gets into the thread and the bolt seizes tight.

If this happens to your bike, the only solution is to drop the engine from its mountings because there’s no clearance for a drill. Just don’t ask me how I know…

You’ll find more valve-related wisdom at the page linked below: