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My mods: Jungle’s muffler/silencer mod

Thanks to James (Jungle) in Australia for sending this in.

It has become clear that some of us want a better sound from our Futuras as can be seen on You tube etc. I personally have also been looking to improve the exhaust note as the after market add ons don’t, to me in any case sound deep enough and are a costly addition if that sound is not what you are after.

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Streetfighter Futura

The Aprilia Futura streetfighter

mutantSome bikes divide opinion… this one may not!

As bikes get damaged in accidents more and more are emerging re-born, and pretty much always minus their fairings.

This one appeared on ebay a few years back and found a new owner who has apparently sold it on since.

Originally registered in 2004, it was written off – fairing and clock damage – by its first owner and bought as a damaged repairable by the seller, who fixed it up and ran it for three years.

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Futura 0001 – first off the line

The first production Aprilia Futura?

In August 2010 this brand new Aprilia Futura appeared for sale on e-bay UK, with an asking price of £4,750. But this wasn’t any Futura – it was the first one ever to roll off the production line.

The bike was as new and un-registered, and had never even started. It’s not clear what happened to it, but bidding petered out at £2,727 and it failed to sell. However, it appears that the bike found a buyer privately after the auction ended.

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The 100,000 mile Aprilia Futura

If you ever needed proof that the Aprilia RST1000 Futura was built to do miles then this is it.

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