accessoriesAccessories available for the Aprilia RST1000 Futura.
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exhaust tunes

Aftermarket exhausts

Aprilia Futura – Exhaust – introduction The Aprilia RST Futura is equipped with an exhaust system that was innovative at the time and had an eye to environmental responsibility. Inasmuch as a gas guzzling 150 mph motorcycle can be environmentally responsible! Under seat silencers were quite a rare thing back in 2000 when the bike […]

Aftermarket huggers

Aprilia Futura – Rear hugger A hugger will help protect your shock and linkages (by increasing bearing life) from dirt thrown up by the rear wheel.  While an Extenda Fenda does the same job for the engine. If you want it colour matched you’ll have to arrange it yourself – or buy a used one. […]
sat nav

Electrical accessories

Aprilia Futura: Electrical accessories, accessory connector, power outlet The Aprilia RST 1000 Futura has almost everything you need to run electrical goodies like sat nav, heated grips or whatever you want. But if you’re planning on running accessories, you need to make sure the charging issues are dealt with first. That means doing the wiring […]
phil rack

Luggage rack

Aprilia Futura – Rear rack/ top box Aprilia never saw fit to sell the Futura with a top box, and this could have been for several reasons. Firstly, they don’t look right because of the high pillion seat, and secondly, because of the high seat, any weight placed in a top box is likely to […]

Panniers/hard luggage

Aprilia Futura – Panniers The Aprilia panniers designed for the Futura are so good, and – thanks to the high level exhaust – so big that they have to be the number one accessory. They will even hold most full face helmets. They are also a joy to use – very simple to get on […]

Tank bags

Tank bags Aprilia Futura – Tank bags Warning! The info in this page was accurate in 2010 but things can change! New products may be available and some listed here may no longer be. The Aprilia RST1000 Futura is fitted with a plastic fuel tank, which means magnetic tank bags are no use. However, there […]