Switching between miles and tripmeter

Aprilia Futura – odometer

Aprilia helpfully point out that you shouldn’t attempt this while on the move.

Switching between total mileage and tripmeter (and re-setting the trip meter)

This one’s a bit more fiddly, given the less than positive nature of the buttons on the dash.

When you switch the ignition on, the default setting is the bike’s total mileage. To switch to the trip meter, wait three seconds after turning the key then press and release the SET button.

To re-set the trip meter, select the trip, then press and hold the SET button for three seconds until the trip zeroes.

Unlike some of the other Aprilia 1,000cc bikes, you can’t switch between miles/kilometres and metric/imperial measurements for temperature and fuel level. These are factory pre-sets. If your dash does this it’s usually a symptom of failure. See dash problems in the workshop section.