Custom maps – PCIII and Tuneboy – Power Commander III and Tuneboy maps

Power Commander maps

Note: Use these maps at your own risk

The following maps are a starting point and I’ll add more as people send them to me. To download one, right click and select ‘Save Target As…’ if you’re using a PC, ctrl key and click on a Mac.

You can only view these maps if you have the Power Commander software installed on your computer.

Loungesurfer’s map: Mille Airbox & Evoluzione Air Filter, De-restricted, Bef Semi-Full Exhaust with H-pipe

Custom map: This map came with my used PCIII USB and was used on a Futura with a modified end can and breadbox, Mille air boot and K&N filter, despite what it says on the map info.

You might find this link helpful also. The Power Commander site includes some base maps to work with: Power Commander;

Tuneboy maps

Note: Use these maps at your own risk

You can only view these maps if you have the Tuneboy software installed on your computer. Maps are listed according to who sent them in. There may be a difference in mapping between US and EU b – I don’t know so I’ve made that clear just in case.

You may be best downloading all the maps and comparing them all. It’s obvious what some of these maps are for, not so much with others.

Befbever’s maps for EU bikes

03 tune + 6% overall | 050918 Tune increase fuel blipfix-1 | 050918 Tune increase fuel blipfix | BEF System brake tune | BEF System tune | BEF System| Economy trim| Equal fuel based | Jay5 | Jay6| July 03 Tune| RST StainTune | RST StainTune With Baffles| Stock Futura tune

Bobdavis73’s maps for US bikes

Some of these may be the same as those above.

020108 Tune | 050115 Tune | 050428 Tune | 180901 Tune | 120401 Tune | 790329 Tune| 790412 Tune| 921123 Tune | Caponord Staintune | RST StainTune| StainTune With Baffles

Carl McNamee’s map: I don’t know what mods had been fitted to this US spec bike.

More maps are available at the Tuneboy UK site.