Exhaust – aftermarket silencer/endcan

Aprilia Futura – exhaust endcans


The info in this page was accurate in 2010 but things can change!
New products may be available and some listed here may no longer be.

The Futura’s 2 into 1 underseat endcan can be replaced with aftermarket systems, always replacing the single can with a pair of cans.

exhaust tunesThe result is usually more noise and a little more power and torque, since the standard silencer is pretty restrictive. A re-map and proper setting up on a dyno will help set things up.


Thankfully there’s quite a lot of choice – several manufacturers make pipes for the Futura including Staintune (Australia but link is for UK site) and Quill (UK). Bef (Belgium) also made cone-ended and tapered cans but these are not available new any more and neither are Taylormade (US), who stopped making Futura cans in 2008.

There are also plenty of others, including Zorstec and GPR. With a little ingenuity, plenty of others can be made to fit, though you might have to to remove the centre stand to accommodate fatter link pipes.

The cans also carry the mount for the number plate and the lower pannier stay, so anything you use must fit (or be made to fit) the number plate bracket, especially if you want to use panniers.


Unsuprisingly, all the aftermarket systems are louder than stock, and most have removable baffles that make them even louder. With or without baffles, fitting endcans alone will drastically improve the sound of a Futura, unleashing a proper v-twin sound.

If you want more (and many do) then fitting an h-pipe to replace the Breadbox pre-silencer under the engine is the way to go. This turns the bike’s exhaust note into a growl, with a delicious burble on the throttle. The increase in volume is, however, considerable and without baffles it can be ear-splitting and likely to be considered anti social if you live in the UK.


Staintunes work out the most expensive in the UK at around £750 Sterling for a new pair, with Quill and Zorstec about £400. Second hand ones turn up regularly on e-bay – expect to pay £300.

But if you don’t fancy paying a lot of money for a pair of cans, you can always modify the endcan.

Videos and photos

Want to hear what they sound like? You’ll find video files of some of the more popular slip-on cans on the Exhaust video page.

Below there’s a gallery of various endcans/silencers. Click on the images below to enlarge them.