Exhaust – modifying the OE exhaust

Aprilia Futura – modifying the stock exhaust

In the early days of the bike, more engineering-minded owners took to opening up the stock exhausts in search of more performance – and a better ‘soundtrack’.

Astroboy66's modified endcanBoth the pre-silencer and the underseat silencer have been subjected to this treatment with mixed results. The pre-silencer can be opened up and the catalytic converter removed, but some who did this were not impressed with the results.


Two owners that I know of have modded their endcans themselves and it has to be said that this is a job that demands a skilled hand. Both documented their work step by step on the Apriliaforum.

Here’s what Mauri did:

And this is what Astroboy66 did. Unfortunately the mod didn’t last for long. The end of the can blew itself out on the motorway, so maybe a little more welding would be required in this area:

Also: The British exhaust maker Quill is known to have modified a Futura endcan to a customer’s specification. Quill may be able to do it again. Here’s their website: